Our origin is articulated from two fundamental values: Biosecurity and Pharmacoeconomics. These concepts have defined us as a Company over the years.

We were born with the clear visión of modernizing the provision of biomedical material for anesthesiology. In 1989 we built our first laboratory under the strictest biosafety regulations, a conditioned space to materialize a new innovative proposal: general and regional Anesthesia kits. This proposal would mark an imprint in the manufacture of new lines, years later.


We are constantly challenged to evolve, to design new technologies and manufacturing methods.

Today, thirty years later, with a broad experience in the market, and a deep knowledge on the new chalenges proposed by health care, we renewed our compromise: to contribute in the improvement of quality attention and patient care with specialists.


Users relationship is the foundational fact of our value propose, we privilege their knowledge and experience for the design of integral solutions.

A proposal that means to advance, not only in standarization and predictability of health care protocols, and patient safety, but also improving efficiency in the purchasing process of supplies and therefore, the administration of the resourses allocated for that purpose.